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C. briggsae BAC library

You will need the following excel (or text) file "cb25_agp8_RPCIpos" to know the positions of the BAC end sequences in briggsae contigs,

cb25_agp8_RPCIpos.xls (excel)
cb25_agp8_RPCIpos.txt (tab delimited text file)

If you want to read the BAC end sequences, then you will also need the following file (cbBACendsCLIP.fasta.gz). Due to its large size, the file has been compressed (GZipped).


The above information was provided by John Spieth (Washington University School of Medicine, St. Louis). Please contact Children's Hospital Oakland Research Institute (CHORI) to obtain the clones.

Click here if you would like to read an old email correspondence about these clones.


Ordering C. briggsae BAC library clones

The following information was provided by Dr. Pieter J. de Jong regarding the procedure to order BAC clones from CHORI (Clone ordering page).

November 23, 2007
Dear Dr. Gupta, 
Single BAC clones can be ordered but a whole library copy are unavailable.
Your earlier email a month ago indicated that you wanted to obtain clones.
You can simply order any specific clones online using the instructions on
our web page. For instance, if you want to order a clone in plate 5 at the
"C6" row/column intersection, then you just add the name "RP94-5C6" into the
ordering window.  It's possible that the names of clones found in databases
are some variation of the NCBI-recommended nomenclature. If the clone names
deviate from the recommendations, then you will need to translate into the
standard name. For instance, in some databases, the name may include the
full name of the library ("RPCI-94-5C6") or may have a leading zero in the
column "5C06". 
Pieter J. de Jong
Principal Investigator & Director, BACPAC Resources
Children's Hospital Oakland Research Institute
Bruce Lyon Research Building
747 52nd Street, Oakland, CA 94609
510-450-7919 (phone) and -7951 (fax)

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