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November 17, 2010
The 18th International C. elegans meeting will be held next year in June (22nd to 26th) in Los Angeles. Read here for details.

February 15, 2010
The 2010 "C. elegans Development and Gene Expression" meeting will be held during June 17 - 20 in EMBL Heidelberg (Germany). Visit the meeting website for details.

November 30, 2009
Wellcome Trust (Cambridge, UK) will host the meeting "Evolutionary Biology of Caenorhabditis and Other Nematodes" in summer 2010 (June 5-8). [See details]

October 2, 2009
Whole-genome shotgun (WGS) sequence assemblies of gonochoristic Caenorhabditis species C. remanei and C. brenneri contain substantial heterozygosity. (Barrière et al., Genome Research, 2009)

September 30, 2009
Victor Ambrose and Gary Ruvkun receive 2008 Albert Laskar Basic Medical Research award for their work on small RNAs.
October 9 2008
The 17th International C. elegans meeting will be held June 24 - 28 next year in Los Angeles. Read the website for details.

October 8, 2008
Martin Chalfie (Columbia University) wins the 2008 Chemistry Nobel Prize for his work on GFP! Read the announcement and other details here.

September 21, 2008
The genome sequence of Pristionchus pacificus has been completed. It is roughly 70% larger than that of C. elegans and C. briggsae. Read the abstract here.

August 27, 2008
A genome-wide comparative study shows that two-thirds of all transcription factors in C. elegans, C. briggsae, and C. remanei are conserved. Read the paper here.

July 24, 2008
New research shows that C. briggsae and C. elegans may have separated less than 30 million years ago. (Read here)

January 22, 2008
A paper from Craig Hunter lab (published in PNAS) demonstrates that C. elegans sid-2 gene when expressed in C. briggsae confers environmental RNAi. (Read here)

August 2, 2007
Ray Miller (WashU) is offering a free service to map your favorite C. briggsae mutants! The deadline is Friday August 17. Read the announcement here.

July 31, 2007
The 2008 'Development and Evolution' topic meeting will be held in Wisconsin (June 11-15). See details (here and meeting website)

July 20, 2007
Isolate a new C. elegans sister species and win $4000! Read Wormbase announcement (news and the search guide).

July 19, 2007
The C. briggsae website ( is now up and running...finally!

July 3, 2007
The C. briggsae chromosome assembly paper has been published in PLoS Biology (Hillier et al., 2007, vol. 5, e167).

June 28, 2007
The "Evolution" workshop was held at the 2007 UCLA worm meeting. (Click here)

June 1, 2007
A chapter on C. briggsae genomics and biology has been published in Wormbook ("Genetics and genomics" section).

February 11, 2007
The new assembly of C. briggsae genome (version CB3) is now available. (see Wormbase for details.)

May 2006
The workshop 'Caenorhabditis evolutionary biology' was held at Instituto Gulbenkian de Ciência in Oeiras, Portugal. (Click here)

June 28, 2005
The C. briggsae workshop "Post-genomic resources" was organized at the 15th International Worm Meeting. (Click here)

June 15, 2005
A project to integrate mutant-based and SNP-based genetic linkage maps has been funded by the NIH.

December 9, 2003
The C. briggsae genome sequence has been published in PLoS Biology (Click here).

October 30, 2003
A nomenclature for non-C. elegans nematodes is under discussion. Follow this link.

August 1, 2003
A link to this website has been added in WormBase front page under Links section.

July 15, 2003
A new C. briggsae genetic linkage map has been released (see Genetics section).

July 11, 2003
The C. briggsae website is launched.