Partial text of the C. briggsae whole-genome shotgun assembly announcement on July 12, 2002 (Sanger Institute website)

The Washington University Genome Sequencing Center (St. Louis) has already sequenced approximately 13 Mb of the C. briggsae genome in bacterial clones. During the second half of 2001 the GSC and the Sanger Institute have each sequenced approximately 1,000,000 whole genome shotgun reads from plasmids and BAC and fosmid ends. These give a greater than 10x coverage of the genome. We have made preliminary assemblies using the PHUSION assembler of Jim Mullikin.

This C. briggsae sequence (version cb25.agp8) was assembled from 2.05 million whole genome shotgun reads, of which 88.2% are in read pairs. Using the Phusion assembler, reads were first assembled into contigs on the basis of overlap information, and then into supercontigs using read pair information to cross gaps. The supercontigs were then assembled into mapped ultracontigs on the basis of FPC fingerprint mapping, adding in some material from the previously finished clones to bridge gaps. Because of the absence of dense chromosomal maps for C. briggsae, we can not assign these ultracontigs to chromosomal locations, and so can not give draft chromosome sequences.