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Genetic Mutations
Linkage data

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Old linkage maps

  • David Baillie (Simon Fraser University)
  • Scott Baird (Wright State University)
  • Helen Chamberlin (Ohio State University, Columbus)
  • Ronald Ellis (UMDNJ)
  • Marie-Anne Felix (Institut Jacques Monod, Paris)
  • David Fitch (New York University)
  • Erich Haag (University of Maryland)
  • Garth Patterson (Rutgers University)
  • Dave Pilgrim (University of Alberta, Edmonton)
  • Ann Rose (University of British Columbia)
  • Paul Sternberg (California Institute of Technology)

     C. briggsae genes and contigs

     Vulval pathway genes
     Dauer pathway genes
     Sex determination genes

     Tc1 etc.

    August 1, 2000
    A link to our website has been added in WormBase front page under Links section.

    July 15, 2003
    A new C. briggsae genetic linkage map has been released (see Genetics section).

    July 11, 2003
    The C. briggsae website was launched.

     Previous C. briggsae web releases
     C. briggsae Research papers (NCBI PubMed)
     C. briggsae BLAST (WU, St. Louis)
     C. briggsae genome server (Ensemble)

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