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January 22, 2008
A paper from Craig Hunter lab (published in PNAS) demonstrates that C. elegans sid-2 gene when expressed in C. briggsae confers environmental RNAi. (Read here)

August 2, 2007
Ray Miller (WashU) is offering a free service to map your favorite C. briggsae mutants! The deadline is Friday August 17. Read the announcement here.

July 31, 2007
The 2008 'Development and Evolution' topic meeting will be held in Wisconsin (June 11-15). See details ( here  and  meeting website )

July 20, 2007
Isolate a new C. elegans sister species and win $4000! Read Wormbase announcement (news and the search guide).

July 19, 2007
The C. briggsae website ( is now up and running...finally!

July 3, 2007
The C. briggsae chromosome assembly paper has been published in PLoS Biology.

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  • Genome annotation using TEC-RED and SAGE libraries (Caltech)

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