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Coordinates of Predicted Genes in C. briggsae

We have compiled a useful set of predicted genes for C. briggsae based on the "Curated Hybrid Genes" track at Wormbase. These are "best" gene predictions that have been selected from the raw gene set on several criteria: (1) whether the gene has a mutual-best-hit ortholog in C. elegans; (2) whether the gene has a high-similarity hit in C. elegans; (3) whether multiple gene prediction programs produce the same or similar structure. The detailed method is described in Stein et al., 2003.

Download C. briggsae Gene Coordinates

To enhance the utility of the hybrid genes data set, we compiled CDS segments for each gene along with its protein name, WormBase gene ID, and best BLASTp hit to C. elegans.

Summary of C. briggsae gene predictions
CDS segments in the "hybrid" genes track:   114,339
Base pair coverage of CDS segments:   24,082,299 bp
Unique C. briggsae genes predicted: 19,507
Genes with BLASTp hit in C. elegans:   19,388
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