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Community Resources and Events for C. briggsae

Here are some community messages, events, and links to resources for the C. briggsae research community. E-mail dkoboldt(at)psts.wustl.edu if you have an announcement or web site to add.

Community Messages

02-Aug-2007 The Miller lab is offering to do analysis of bulked segregants for C. briggsae single-gene mutants. Samples are due by Friday, August 17th. More information
30-Mar-2007 The summary of the 2006 EMBO Caenorhabditis Evolution Workshop (E. Haag et al.) is in the March issue of Trends In Genetics.
01-Feb-2007 Marie-Anne Felix will have all 62 of her wild briggsae JU isolates available over the next several days, so now would be a good time to ask for them. http://www2.ijm.jussieu.fr/worms.
08-Nov-2006 Todd Harris launched an online discussion forum for nematode researchers. Join the Worm Community Forum (WCF) at : http://www.wormbase.org/forums.
01-Jun-2006 There is a new knockout library for C. briggsae. It was built by E. Lozano in A. Leroi´s lab. For any further information: elozano@mncn.csic.es or a.leroi(at)imperial.ac.uk.

Links to External Resources

C. briggsae Research Page Genetic and genomic resources for C. briggsae researchers (B. Gupta).
Nematode Evol-Devel Evolution of development and population genetics of nematodes (M-A. Félix).
Worm Community Forum An online meeting place where researchers can discuss issues and share information.
Félix Strain Database Wild isolates and various tools for the study of Caenorhabditis evolution (M-A. Félix).
Wormbase: C. briggsae The WormBase generic genome browser for C. briggsae.
GSC Project Page C. briggsae sequencing at the Genome Sequencing Center of Washington University.

Recent Events

May 24-26, 2006: Caenorhabditis Evolution Workshop A workshop on evolutionary biology of C. elegans and related species that took place in Oeiras, Portugal.
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